Brand Spotlight: Carven






Are you familiar with our new favorite French designer, Carven? If not, here’s your first taste of what to expect this upcoming Spring season! Fashion forward and sensuously feminine, Carven offers a multitude of tops and dresses in rich neutral tones as well as bright, eloquent solid pieces.

At the same time, one of the things that we LOVE most about this brand is their diversity. They don’t shy away from eye-catching, florally print numbers that make the perfect outfit for a Spring/Summer luncheon/fundraiser or a stroll through the city. Finely tailored with asymmetrical sensibilities, their form-fitting tops and dresses will comfortably complement you for any occasion!

Come visit us to get a first-hand look of our latest items from the brand or call us: 201.664.3111/email [email protected].

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