Derek Lam 10 Crosby Resort 2016 Preview


We can’t begin to explain how excited we are to roll out the Resort/Pre-Spring 2016 lineup from Derek Lam 10 Crosby! Taking inspiration from a “young Jessica Lange”, Lam places heavy emphasis on the boho chic look of the early 70’s with high-waisted, exaggerated flares and casually tucked in tees being all the rage.

Over time we’ve come to expect nothing but the best in terms of quality of material and styling from Derek Lam. This ethos continues to be a key focus with jeans and overcoats comprised of raw, indigo denim, allowing for personalized fading patterns the more these products are worn. Fringe detailing, tassles, and decorative beading are three finishing touches that we love this season so we are sure that you will adore Derek Lam’s line as much as we do.

Drop by Hartly or give us a call at 201.664.3111 to find out more about these items. Items just put on the floor! Be the first to see!

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