Trend Alert: Comfy and Cozy

We all know that feeling, laying back in our cozy couches, backs sinking into the pillows, snuggling up in comfy sweats and a sweatshirt, sipping hot cocoa on cold, winter days as the snow gently falls silently outside. But, believe it or not, this feeling we all know and love, this comfort we all look forward to at the end of a long day, has now evolved into one of the most stylish trends of 2020 into 2021. I guess thanks to the pandemic, the comfortable style we never knew was possible, we have reached through being locked up in our homes, stuck in tiny squares on work zoom calls, not having to really “dress up” often. 

Bloggers and stylists continue to find new ways to accessorize these cozy outfits to incorporate a more fresh and modern approach to this casual style.  Our Instagram pages continue to fill with women posing in their comfortable and trendy sweatsuits. That effortless, yet so stylish look is reached through tie dye, neon, or just simple, basic color sets paired with Golden Goose sneakers or to spice it up further, Stuart Weitzman’s combat boots. Even by simply wearing a pair of Nickho Rey’s gold hoops, chic Gucci glasses or by slipping on a Veronica Beard blazer in your closet atop a sweatshirt, you can really elevate the look and bring it to a new level of fashion. These accessories really hold the power to bring the outfit from a day in, to a day out. 

Even some of the most famous, on trend celebrities have caught on to this new look. Celebrities like Kendall Jenner have been spotted strolling the streets, covered in comfort from head to toe. Going to pick up food, drop your kids off, shop around, all you have to do is slip on this simple set and you’re ready to go, looking more stylish than ever before. And of course everyone still loves their jeans and sweater, but being completely honest, we all need a break sometimes, myself included. So do yourself a favor, set aside those jeans and sweaters, slip on a pair of cute sneakers rather than heels and don’t forget to snuggle up in those fashionable sweats and sweatshirts, and give yourself the gift of comfort.

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